Company Profile

Aquality Environmental Consulting Ltd. is an Alberta based company with a head office in Edmonton. Founded in 2000, Aquality is a 'boutique' company providing big-picture thinking and service. Our innovative approaches, experience, excellent client service, and personal touch have earned us a reputation as a leader in environmental assessment and planning. 

Aquality Environmental Consulting Ltd. is a family-owned, Alberta based company specializing in the areas of municipal land use and watershed management planning, policy development, stormwater management, and freshwater ecology including surface water quality testing, wetland and riparian assessments, biophysical and environmental assessments, limnology, water resources and fisheries management. Our clients come from all sectors.

We are constantly adapting to the changing needs of our clients and the numerous regulatory challenges they face in the realm of environmental management. Our innovative approaches and “big picture” thinking have earned us a reputation as leaders in environmental planning and many clients now look to us for guidance on their environmental policies and information requirements. 

Aquality takes great pride in providing scientifically defensible, unique, and customized solutions for our clients. Our professionalism, thoroughness, and knowledge of the regulatory environment allows us to understand our clients’ objectives and effectively adapt to and anticipate their needs.