Health and Safety 

At Aquality, health and safety is a core value and a company wide responsibility that each and every employee is committed to. We are ready and willing to meet all the health and safety requirements of our clients and constantly strive to improve our safety standards and practices. Aquality is actively involved with the Alberta SECOR program and maintains a membership with the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships. We are also a member of the ISNetworld with a Green rating. 

Aquality's Health & Safety Policy is recognized by SECOR and includes:

  • Monthly H&S meetings that are mandatory for all employees 
  • Tailgate safety meetings
  • Pre-job and on-site field hazard assessment 
  • Incident and near miss reporting 
  • New employee safety orientation 
  • Up-to-date safety training for all employees 
  • Understanding of and adherence to the client's H&S policies and procedures