The Aquality Team


Jay White, M.Sc., P.Biol, QAES, 

Principal and Senior Biologist

The principal researcher at Aquality is Jay White, a certified Alberta Professional Biologist who earned his M.Sc. degree from the University of Alberta. He worked with Ducks Unlimited Canada on Frank Lake, the largest wetland restoration project in Canada.

Jay worked as a research associate at the University of Alberta for three years as the Land-Aquatic Program Administrator for the Sustainable Forest Management Network. Working with research partners from Forestry, Government and Health, he was responsible for creating and implementing long-term water quality monitoring studies on lakes and streams with multiple stakeholders on the effects of large-scale landscape perturbations from fire and forest harvesting.

Jay currently sits on the Alberta Water Council representing the Lake Environmental Conservation Sector. Jay has been involved with the Provincial Water Strategy (Water for Life) since its creation. Jay is involved with several non-profit groups such as the Alberta Lake Management Society, Inside Education, Ducks Unlimited Canada and Trout Unlimited Canada.

Josh Haag, B.Sc., P.Biol, QAES, 

Senior Biologist and Project Manager/GIS Analyst

Josh Haag has a B.Sc. in Ecology from the University of Toronto, and has performed graduate work at the University of Michigan. His specialization in in plant community ecology, especially in understanding how nutrient cycling and small-scale variability affect the structure and diversity of wetland communities. His primary areas of experience are in the grassland/aspen parkland ecoregions in Alberta and in Great Lakes coastal wetland communities, but also has extensive experience with fish habitat and population dynamics, epiphytic and benthic phyto- and zooplankton, and aquatic macrophyte communities. He also has extensive experience with statistics, spatial analyses and GIS, and modeling ecosystem processes. In addition to his primary role as a biologist and project manager, he also provides IT support for the company.

Corey Stefura, B.Sc., P. Biol., QAES

Senior Biologist

Corey Stefura is Senior Aquatic Biologist with over 20 years of experience in the consulting industry, with a focus on fisheries and the aquatic environment. Corey is a Professional Biologist within the Province of Alberta and meets the requirements of a Qualified Aquatic Environment Specialist (QAES). He has experience in fisheries and aquatic environment assessment methods, and experience determining mitigation measures required to maintain aquatic habitats. He has been involved in numerous projects in Western Canada, the Northwest Territories, and North-western United States. Corey has worked extensively with the Alberta Water Act, (including associated Codes of Practice and regulations), the Public Lands Act, the National Energy Board Act (Section 52 and 58 applications), Navigation Protection Act, the Species at Risk Act, and the Fisheries Act. He also has experience with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 and the Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and British Columbia Water Act.

Corey has experience with projects involving environmental assessments for oil and gas, mining, and transportation developments (baseline data collection and reporting during the planning and routing stages, environmental permitting, construction monitoring, discharge measurements, post-construction reclamation assessments, and support during integrity digs). He also has conducted projects monitoring compliance, obtaining regulatory approvals, and responding to environmental protection orders (shoreline development, culvert crossings, watercourse modifications, etc.), reviewed detailed design drawings, work plans, and Environmental Management System (EMS) Documentation. Corey has also prepared and reviewed Environmental Construction and Operations (ECO) Plans to ensure conformity with the environmental aspects of the project and coordinated and conducted field audits to identify environmental issues and mitigation practices (e.g., erosion and sediment control). 


Courtney Kelly, B.Sc., P. Biol

 Biologist and Project Manager

Courtney Kelly has a Bachelor of Science with an Honors Specialization in Biology from the University of Western Ontario. and is a member of the Alberta Society for Professional Biologists (P.Biol). Before joining the Aquality team Courtney worked as a wildlife biologist, specializing in species at risk and as a vegetation technician with Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute.  Courtney has experience with wildlife identification, winter tracking, wetland assessments, vegetation identification, ecosite classification and conducting biodiversity surveys. Courtney’s primary focus has been conducting wetland asessments and environmental monitoring  Courtney will also be providing assistance with regulatory support and project management. Her certificates include Wilderness First Aid with level C CPR, Defensive Driving, ATV Safety Training, Bear Awareness, Defensive Driving and Pleasure Craft Operators Card. 


Javan Green, B.Sc., P. Biol


Javan Green has a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences specializing in Ecology from the University of Alberta, and is a member of the Alberta Society for Professional Biologists (P.Biol) Before joining Aquality Javan worked as an Environmental Coordinator for SNC-Lavalin Environment, coordinating and monitoring construction activity on several major transmission line projects. He has experience in wildlife surveys, vegetation identification, wetland delineation and environmental monitoring. He is an avid birder with over five years of experience in avian ecology, including breeding bird surveys, Species-at-Risk surveys, and trapping and banding for migration monitoring programs. At Aquality, Javan has assisted with aquatic assessments, water quality sampling and wildlife surveys. His certificates include Standard First Aid and Level C CPR with AED, WHMIS, TDG, Defensive Driving, ATV Training, and Bear Awareness.

Davin Swift, B.Sc., QAES

Biologist and Project Manager

Davin Swift has over 3 years of experience working as a biologist. His work in aquatic biology has allowed him to develop skills as a field lead for a wide variety of programs including, Northern Canadian mine benthic, fishery and water quality programs, pipeline construction monitoring and fish salvage programs and fishery habitat assessments. These programs have enabled him to become extremely familiar with working in remote areas, communicating with clients and local community groups and coordinating complex field programs.

Mr. Swift’s project experience has been dominated by work for industry clients (oil and gas and mining).  Services provided to these clients include advising and providing assistance in navigating the regulatory environment (Federal and Provincial); preparing regulatory applications for developments and activities (specifically linear development projects); environmental monitoring for projects in and around water and fish habitat, and data management, analysis and reporting.

Ashley Hillman, B.Sc., B.I.T.


Ashley has a Bachelor’s of Science with Specialization in Animal Biology and a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental and Conservation Sciences, both from the University of Alberta. She is a member of the Alberta Society for Professional Biologists as a Biologist in Training. Before joining the Aquality team, Ashley gained extensive experience in the field, working everywhere from the grasslands and aspen parklands of central Alberta to the extensive peatlands of the northern boreal forest. Ashley has worked with organizations such as the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute, where she gained strong vegetation identification skills. Her skill set includes experience in rare plant surveys, wildlife identification, GIS and mapping, ecosite classification, songbird surveys, and biodiversity surveys. Ashley is also an avid birder, and takes part in several avian monitoring programs, such as the National Breeding Bird Survey. Her OH&S certificates include Standard First Aid and Level C CPR with AED, Wilderness First Aid, WHMIS, ATV Training, Defensive Driving, and Bear Awareness.